Jess Orama

I had a great experience with Abdulla. He is very knowledgeable, quick to respond, and answered all my questions. He placed the IV seamlessly to where I didn’t feel the IV go in.


Very informative, takes his time and explains everything thoroughly. Knows what you need exactly to make you feel better. I feel great after my infusion 🙂

Manal Hammoud

This was an awesome experience. Abdulla was very professional and explained everything thoroughly. Flexible scheduling was great because of my work schedule & the intake process was very easy. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this.

Hershman Chiropractic

I was looking for a place for IV hydration, and was beyond delighted when I found this place!! I did the “Myers’ Cocktail” while sitting down in my basement watching football (yes he will come to your comfort). Nurse Abdulla helped walk me through the whole...


First of all, I never knew this therapy method existed prior to speaking to Abdullah and it’s crazy we are not told about this through doctors and PCPs. I complained from poor sleeping with no rest and constant fatigue to Abdullah and he recommended the Myers...